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Port Dover Wedding

This image is from one of my Port Dover weddings where we ended up seeing rain all day long.  As much as it’s a wedding couple’s worst nightmare, we worked with it and embraced plan B.  This allowed us to still get some fantastic photos.

I was carrying my equipment back to the car after the photoshoot had finished.  I watched the groom ushering the bride into the limo which was waiting for them.  The bride gathered up her wedding dress so as not to get it wet from the ground.  I dropped everything to capture this snapshot. It really encompassed a slither of what they had endured and the impact the rain had had on their day.

The blue sky rippled with rain clouds was a fantastic contrast to the wet cement of the sidewalk.  The huge white ruffles as the bride gathered up her gown showcased the intricacies of her wedding dress and her impactful shoes. The way the groom was gently leading her by holding her back gave the sense that he was reassuring her.

I love that the limo and the driver were offset to the side so still in the picture without overpowering the image.  The lamppost and the sign added both detail and character to the overall composition.

This was a very journalistic shot as it captured so many moments as they were happening rather than something pre-planned. 

Location: St George St, Port Dover, ON N0A 1N0, Canada.