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Paradise Banquet Hall Wedding Photographer

When you look at this image you are instantly transported to the backstreets of a romantic part of Europe. A far cry from a Toronto banquet hall! The difference is, this is the Paradise Banquet Hall which knocks the socks off the preconception that banquet halls have no personality or individuality. When I am shooting a wedding, I like to whisk my couple away from the crowd momentarily to get some amazing shots. I usually find after the ceremony, reception and speeches, they are more relaxed and therefore I tend to capture some really heart felt images. The hardest thing about shooting outside at nighttime is the lighting and the ability to make it still look natural. I managed to capture the details of the architecture, the green of the shrubbery and the composure of the couple with the help of the light bouncing off of the banquet hall. The purple light really helped add some dimension in the background and to the surroundings. The glow from the chandelier and lights on the bridge delicately highlighted the natural sheen of the cobbled floor. When a client books me as a Paradise banquet hall wedding photographer, I love to offer them that peace of mind that I know all the secret ins and outs of the venue. The aspect that always seems to blow them away is the variety of looks achievable dependant on their theme.

Location: 7601 Jane Street, Vaughan, ON, L4K 1X2.