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Glen Eagle Golf Club Wedding Photographer

My wedding couple had been searching for a Glen Eagle wedding photographer for quite some time as they wanted someone familiar with the location and its stunning scenery.  This image was taken in the Fall, and features the bride trying to catch up to the groom ready for their first look. The vast greenery from the golf course offers a beautiful contrast to the bright blue sky and cloud formations.  The natural curvature of the hill and the trees in the foreground and background add depth and interest to the composition of the image.  The last element to incorporate and complete the image was the couple themselves.  I always love candid shots as it adds a layer of spontaneity and authenticity to your work.  You can feel the eager yet nervous anticipation of the groom seeing his bride for the first time and the bride, not willing to let a wedding dress slow her down.

As a photographer, I love it when I get couples that offer me full reign of the artistic vision of their day.  It allows me the freedom to incorporate journalistic style images and coverage, as well as a personalised twist on the obligatory posed photos.  This creates a snapshot of the bridal couple’s spirit and showcases the ambiance of the day.  In turn this allows the guests the chance to reminisce the night for years to come. 

Location: 15731 Regional Road 50, Caledon, ON, L7E 3H9.