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The David Duncan House Wedding Photographers

I love being asked to be a David Duncan wedding photographer as the venue has so much character to it. A rich, luxurious and historic looking building always leads to fantastic and incredibly unique images. My main objective for this image was to capture the emotion and love that this couple oozed. Their affection and genuine happiness was evident from the start, and I wanted to find a way to showcase these feelings and freeze frame them. When people are genuine in their emotions, there is a natural beauty that when captured, creates some very powerful pictures. The composition of this photo was based on a combination of the gentle and soft lighting, the darker, rich, opulent tones of the décor, and the connection of the wedding couple. When you look at their stances we see the bride is leaning into the railing with her hands and arm resting on top. She is gazing into the distance and seems to be reflecting on the whirlwind events of the happiest day of her life. There is a slight smile playing on her lips and she looks totally lost in thought but thoroughly content. The groom has taken on the role of protector and provider and is standing behind her clasping her shoulders. He is entirely focused on watching her reaction, and the smile of his face and look in his eyes, surmised their love. They were a beautiful couple to document and I look forward to being a David Duncan wedding photographer again soon.

Location: 125 Moatfield Dr, North York, ON M3B 3L6.