Church Wedding in Burlington
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Church Wedding in Burlington

This stunning church wedding in Burlington offered the opportunity for us to capture some stunning photographs without an audience.  Usually when photographing inside the church, the guests will be present or they will be setting up for mass.

Being the only ones there, allowed for a very serene and tranquil mood.  My wedding couple could take in the details around them with no distractions.  It also meant I could take the time to experiment with light and angles to capture the ornate stained glass.

I loved that we had the option to open the huge wooden door allowing me to showcase the colours of fall.  Bringing the outside into the composition means that their chosen season is acknowledged in what would otherwise be an interior shot.

Being given the luxury of an empty church allowed me time to pay close attention to the detailing and structure.  I positioned myself in front of the altar and set everything up so it was perfectly balanced on each side. The oversized stained glass window depicting holy imagery was the focal point at the top centre of the frame.  My couple were positioned directly beneath, with their silhouettes visible in the arch of the external church doors. The wooden pews, overhead decorative lighting and stained glass side panel’s balanced the image on either side.

It’s always worth asking your chosen wedding location if you can have a few minutes of alone time to take some pictures.  The alone time is a great way to either prepare yourself or reflect upon your big day without any distractions.  

Location: 1382 Ontario St, Burlington, ON L7S 1G1.