Bride at The Millcroft Spa
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Bride at The Millcroft Spa

This image of my bride at the Millcroft Spa featured the sweetest of ring bearers; her dog. 

I had worked with the bride’s family on a number of photoshoots documenting various milestones over the years. The history and intertwining of our lives meant that when it was time to capture this special day, it had a lot of personal meaning to me.

The Millcroft Spa is a stunning, original stone mill dating back to 1881 that is perfect for smaller weddings.  The vintage, rustic feel to the property which is situated in Caledon, features a beautiful waterfall and plenty of woodland.  The varying landscapes available at the Millcroft Spa means there are plenty of photographic opportunities.

The wedding couple wanted to incorporate their family dog into the special day. After careful consideration, the role of ring bearer seemed most apt. I captured this image after asking my bride to look into the ring bearer’s eyes.  The way the dog is looking at its owner shows unconditional love and as if it knew the importance of its role.

This image offers a soft whimsical feel.  Her white wedding dress and veil, simple background and the delicate colours her floral tiara flow effortlessly.  The dog is sitting proudly whilst being caressed and proudly wears the ring which is connected to the pillow.

Whether you are an animal lover or not, the connection these two share is obvious. It’s hard not to smile. They say a dog is a mans best friend.  Subsequently it is becoming more and more common to get requests to include pets in ceremonies and to document special events.

Location: 55 John St, Village of Alton - Caledon, ON L7K 0C4, Canada.