Best Wedding Pictures in Port Dover
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Best Wedding Pictures in Port Dover

The beauty of this image lies in the simplicity of its nature. Whilst I was busy shooting my wedding couple, my photographic assistant Jacquie had spotted these vibrant flowers. 

This photo was part of a collection that featured some of the best wedding pictures in Port Dover. The purple flowers we used were actually taken from the floral display. The father of the groom had these arranged outside his house as they were getting ready for their big day.

Obviously, when most clients approach me to shoot in fall they want to capture the stunning autumnal colours. The burnt oranges, yellows, reds and the last strain of green signals we must bid adieu to summer.

We offset the simple lines and sparkles of the engagement ring against the deep purple of the flowers. By doing this we shocked our audience by challenging their perception of what fall looks like.

Despite the simplicity of the composition, there is a lot of texture and depth to the image. The close up allows the viewer to really appreciate every diamond in the wedding ring.  Every divot and tuft in the flower is emphasised too.

This photo shows that it’s always great to think out of the box. Look around to see if you can challenge both yourself and your audience.  If you can blend in or stick out, why blend in! Take risks in photography and challenge the norm.

Location: St George St, Port Dover, ON N0A 1N0, Canada.