Best Wedding Photographer in Port Dover
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Best Wedding Photographer in Port Dover

I was honoured to recently receive the accolade of being the best wedding photographer in Port Dover which is where this wedding took place.

This was a particularly emotional wedding for the father of the bride.  He was sad that a number of important family members couldn’t make it from Portugal. 

Once Martha had finished getting ready, unbeknownst to either, I called him over to where she stood by the window. This image captured the moment that he first spied a glimpse of his daughter in her wedding gown.  His childlike excitement that was hard to contain.  It was such a sweet moment to have been able to document for them to cherish forever.  Even though I took the image from behind, so you could only see his silhouette; the position of his hands on the door as he peered in and the smile lines creeping onto his face said it all. 

Martha stood obliviously distracted as she gazed out of the window and by facing away from me.  This rear angle allowed me to capture the detailing in her gown.  The train cascaded onto the floor and the deep v on the back of her dress, showcased the beautiful lines.

Remember to always be on the lookout and ready to capture a moment as often the best ones aren’t always taken face on. 

Location: St George St, Port Dover, ON N0A 1N0, Canada.